15 Anne Arvizu – How 2020 Changed Healthcare

How 2020 Changed Healthcare on The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

What a year 2020 has been. One thing is certain: business will never be the same again. So get ready to turn the page because 2021 is just around the corner — and it’s bringing with it all sorts of new opportunities. No more of the negative and definitely no more of the old. It is time for us to collectively look ahead.

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss how journalists filter the news, what’s ahead for The Corepreneur Podcast in 2021, and what 2020 looked like for a variety of business endeavors across healthcare.

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“Turn off the news and turn the page. Get happy, because 2021 is bringing all new opportunities.” – Anne Arvizu

Show Notes:

  • How to define a Corepreneur
  • What the Negative Core Four are
  • How journalists filter the news
  • How 2020 affected health care
  • How to enter the pharmaceutical industry
  • How to exit the pharmaceutical industry
  • What’s ahead for Season 2 of The Corepreneur Podcast
  • What an intrepreneur is
“It doesn’t require workaholism to get your goal accomplished.” – Anne Arvizu

Resources Mentioned:

“Being a Corepreneur is kind of like owning the secret sauce of a business executive skillset combined with the mindset and the creativity of entrepreneurship.” – Anne Arvizu

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