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Kimberly Marin on The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

In today’s show we are focusing on health, wellness, and how being centered, decisive, energized, and positive can bring you success and drive your business forward for the greater good. Kimberly Marin AP, RD started her career as a dietitian. When her son was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, she decided to learn acupuncture. Her journey to discover the benefits of non-western medicines led her to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Now Kimberly is an experienced Acupuncturist specializing in hormone imbalances. She is also dually licensed in Oriental Medicine and Nutrition and Dietetics and uses this mixture of western and eastern medicine to help others on their weight loss journeys.

Listen in as Kimberly Marin discusses how she combines eastern and western medicine, how health leads to wealth, and how to meditate your way to success.

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“Just keeping my mind to the attitude of abundance and not scarcity made a huge difference.” – Kimberly Marin

Show Notes:

  • How health leads to wealth
  • Why Kimberly Marin started her practice
  • Why Kimberly became an acupuncturist
  • How Kimberly diagnosed her son’s Tourette’s syndrome
  • How to combine eastern and western medicine
  • How acupuncture can incorporate western medicine
  • How meditation leads to success
  • Peoples’ main health problems

“I never discouraged my patients from doing western medicine at the same time that they were coming to me and I think that was a big component of not only my success of my practice but also my patients’ success.” – Kimberly Marin

Resources Mentioned:

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“Time and time again I found that if we did a little western to control symptoms while I was able to address the root causes, they would get better in half the time.” – Kimberly Marin

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