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Take a little break and get a little rest


Updated: Aug 28, 2018

When it comes to the perfect #vacation, we try to chose the perfect location with sun, water, blue skies, or whatever your favorite venue, country or escape may be. We do that because it's necessary to unplug, disconnect and recharge.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Go Somewhere Different

Each year, millions of Americans forgo vacation time or opt for the #staycation concept. That's great, if you can truly disconnect, forgo cooking and laundry and feel like you leave both work and life behind, but that is rarely the case. Because the lines between work and life have been so badly blurred in our society, American workers, especially executive management, defined as Director level and above, are susceptible to burnout. A total reset is just what the HR heads ordered.

1. Stretching your comfort zone less to resilience, both personally and professionally, making you healthier and happier after the initial stress is over that it takes to travel and get settled in.

2. Overcoming obstacles, like getting along in a new culture, driving on the other side of the road (as we did this summer!) and learning a new language expand your heart and empathy towards others.

3. Your productivity soars after periods of rest and recovery. It is the same with taking time off off work, and out of life, as it is with muscle recovery in a gym.

Add An Element of Imagination To Your Work

When fully disconnected, on vacation, you can:

  • Solve Problems at Work. Ideas can flow when a person is rested.

  • Gain perspective on mountains and turn them back into molehills.

  • Create deeper connections with family and friends, leading to more fulfillment in work.

  • Reconnect to your spiritual side. In our culture of 24/7/365 bombardment, we can lose that deeper connection to God that inspires and centers us from within.

  • Bring back stories, photos and metaphors that can be used to motivate your teams!

Make It Last Longer

Bring back the top learnings from vacation and incorporate them back into your life.

i.e., Keep up a spiritual practice, keep journaling, keep smiling, take time to read books and magazines and order new dishes. The key people in your life, at home and at work, will thank you for it. :)

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