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Take a little break and get a little rest

Work Hard - Rest Hard

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

In this blog post we’ll tell you how you can begin to think about work-life balance in a new way.

We all work

Work is inherent in what we do as humans. You can't get away from it. But old worn out theories on work life balance just aren't working. In fact, they never have.

But, you can manage your life, the way you manage a business. You just need the right tools.

Ask yourselves a few questions:

1. Do you feel that life is chaotic and you can never get your to-do list done?

2. Are you ever self-admittedly overwhelmed or overworked?

3. Do you have time to cook dinner for yourself or family?

4. Have you given up something you love to do? i.e., hobbies, painting, self expression?

5. Are you waking up already tired?

If you are answering these few questions with a yes, then take heart.

Corecentryx, Inc. has created a new framework for executive leaders. For the first time ever, life-work balance is possible because now there's a visual framework for the proper compartmentalization of both. Our first official roll-out will be coming this fall in our fist live event, Dec 1-2, in our inagural From the C.O.R.E. Leadership treat for executive women. For more information visit and join other leaders to emerge centered, open, resilient and energized.

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