Take a little break and get a little rest


Think about the couple that decides to renew their wedding vows for a moment. They decide, after all these years, "I still do". Even after life has taken its toll with its unexpected twists and turns that we all face. Somehow, they reconnect to the greater "why" of getting together in the first place. Maybe the why has shifted over time and that needs to be formally stated, almost like drawing a new map or writing a new business plan. Long past external attraction, stay-ability requires a common understanding of the goals moving forward. This is not a post on relationships, but rather a metaphor for making the decision to do the same process in our own lives. Our day-to-day, non-stop, go-time requires us to wear a heavy mask of be-all-things-to-all-people and eventually this leads to being master of none of the trades that used to come so effortlessly. That's when it's time to renew some vows with yourself.

Coaches Corner: What boundary did you say to yourself would never be crossed? What dreams have you let go of? What hobbies used to fulfill you? When I ask myself these questions, I recall, remember, redefine and decide to...renew. What vision, i.e., the perfect couple, the slim body, the successful business, do you need to renew? Open a journal and write some new vows.