Take a little break and get a little rest


There are times in life when you need to wipe the slate clean. For me, 2016 has been such a year. A proverbial tabla-rasa. I was able to leave a position of executive leadership in the biotech world to reconnect with myself as an entrepreneur. To "Know thyself" fully, it's necessary to sometimes down-shift, pause, then finally roll to a stop. When you're a chronic do-a-haulic, it's hard and uncomfortable to 'be still and know' much of anything. As the voices quiet (all of them yours!), you realize sitting down with a cup of coffee and a blank journal are the ticket out. This is my first visit to the Oasis in over a year. This blog, Anne's Oasis, is in its 3rd iteration. The image you see on the home page is an image from times past. I have always loved the cartoon me because it was so truly accurate! The harried woman leader rushing from the city grind, papers flying from her designer briefcase, headed full throttle to the Oasis, a place of rest, reflection, rejuvenation and renewal. That's what this blog has always been about. My cities, Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Chicago or San Francisco, Philadelphia or Los Angeles, all have their place in my heart, but whenever possible, I run to my home away from home in the laid-back, worlds-apart Florida Keys. We all need a place of flip flops, hammocks and sunsets to contemplate the next big deal. Stop the madness. Take a breath. Rest and reset.

Coaches Corner:

Take a journal, open a page and do a little soul searching to answer the following questions: What aspect of your life needs a little revamping? What could you press the reset button on today? Why does it matter? What will it make better?