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Wiki defines revamp as transitive verb meaning, "to renovate, revise, improve or renew; to patch." Synonyms include buff, improve, rennovate. Now I don't know about you, but I'm all for a revamp. In the Pharmaceutical industry and biotech worlds, there's a whole lot of revamping going on all the time. Quarterly, we must prove that innovation is taking place, budgets are being cut, new systems are being put forth. Metrics reported need to show that they are getting better, KPIs are being tracked and achieved and NPS scores are going up. For any of us that worked or work in such environments, the strict to-dos, endless presentations and forced ShowTime and constant GoTime can be a dampener to the creative process and a vision and moral squashed. Innovations, which are deemed as valued, are trumped (absolutely pun intended) by process, procedures and reports. And, for the free flowing creative renaissance thinker, guess what, they are all important. But, they are not all that is important. Quench the flame of passion in your leaders and teams, and innovation will slow down because a sense of meaning, which every human being needs, is lost. Innovation slows down and morale lowers. People become quiet, complacent and reactive. Teams distance themselves and soon, eyes wander to the next best company to marry. The one where vision is strong and people and ideas are valued. So how do we fix this issue in the midst of constant industry change? The Beatles sang it best,"Get back to where you once belonged."

Coaches Corner.

Where do you really belong?

Answer that and set yourself free. Ignite your soul to do what it came here for. Now what is that, exactly? Only you can answer.

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