Take a little break and get a little rest


Welcome to my blog, Anne's Oasis. Its focus is to bring a few minutes of calm, connectivity and balance to your day. Notice the graphic. Admittedly, she is 100% me! Well heeled, yet running full speed from busy industry to an ideal place of rest and reflection: a sandy beach, clear coastal waters and shady palms. The word Oasis evokes images of a dry desert offering up a place to quench a deep thirst with life giving waters. When I started this blog back in 2006, the graphic artists that rendered the first version of the banner captured the vision perfectly. Recently I discovered hundreds of posts have been lost to cyberspace due to a malware attack on the old hosting platform. And so, I welcome my own forced revamp with open arms. The past is gone and the new is here. Now Anne's Oasis has a new secure corner of internet real estate, and I begin blogging again...We all need a safe haven to rest, reflect, recharge, replenish, rejuvenate and reignite the fire that stir us to passion and daily action. I write for busy executive women and entrepreneurs. All posts have a one-word verb title supportive of leadership and life-balance are no more than a paragraph at most. My hope is to blog weekly, serving as forced respite of my own and a gift to you. Enjoy.