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An Exclusive Retreat for Executive Women

The New Way To Be and Lead

A revamp for your leadership; A reset for your life.

Key Largo, FL

Early December 2022

The From The C-O-R-E Women’s Retreat

Leadership training for the new era of healthcare 'entrepreneurial executives'.

Tired of being tired?

Map out your next success chapter. 


What is C-O-R-E?

With businesses changing at the speed of light, worn-out linear business models don’t work anymore.  The great work isn't getting done because leaders are experiencing burnout. It’s real, and statistics show it happens to women more. It’s felt but not admitted. We are living in a new era of business modeling and it requires a new model to help us navigate the rapidly changing future and be ready for whatever comes our way.

Build your business, balance your life and leave your legacy.

We’ve created two frameworks for ‘entrepreneurial executives’. One for your business and one for your life.  For the first time ever, work-life balance has a schematic picture and can be individually compartmentalized.

Feel Balanced, Fulfilled and Free

Every year, in the US alone, companies and insurance providers lose over 7 billion in costs due to exhaustion and burnout related absence and illness.  That’s MULTI BILLIONS of dollars across the globe in multinational organizations, that can be recovered if employees were not stretched so thin. 

Enter the C-O-R-E Method

A balancing, force of recalibration for your leadership and life.


“Being stretched thin is a thing of the past. Bold claims, we know. Come and test the waters…it’s fine in here.”

Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC

053118Anne_Arvizu_outside background_blue ensemble.jpg

Centered. Open. Resilient. Energized.™

What to Expect

Slow down. Then take a pause and escape to the Florida Keys.  We’ve chosen this resort (with nightly sunsets) just for you. In 2 days, you will revamp your business and revitalize your life.  

Day 1 - MBA In A Day

Build your business. Re-imagine your entire strategy. 


Done with you success frameworks to establish your business and life success models for the coming year. You’ll have a complete roadmap that you can immediately put into practice. Jump-start the 2019 goal-making process and end the year clear, rested and ready for what lies ahead. You’ll walk away being able to define your next year's objectives, quantify key metrics, and have a blueprint for on-going productive interactions with your team.

Business will never be the same again.


Day 2 - Legacy Leadership

Go deeper.  Into your own C-O-R-E...


You are the leader of your department, organization and business. Leading tired, with flags at half-mast won’t cut it.  At the end of the year, before the rush of the holiday season, come away to a secret place and relax, recharge & refocus.  Recommit to YOU. You’ll come away with clarity and purpose, along with business and personal goals ready for the New Year. Learn the framework for a new life and leadership satisfaction model that you can immediately put into practice.

Enter an executive and leave a certified Corepreneur.

You'll sail into the coming year in an way you never thought possible using our breakthrough frameworks for business and life mastery.

Life will never be the same again.


Day 3, 4 or 5 - 2019 Visioncast

VIP Strategy Sessions (Optional + Limited))


VIP clients will use these days to map out their 2019 goals, and create actionable, specific, strategic plans around their objectives.  Anne does this for fortune 500 global powerhouses and can help you create the winning business model of your dreams. We’ll set an agenda based on your needs during an initial private pre-call before the event, and a follow-up consulting call is included as well.
If you’d like to inquire, please click here, and our team coordinator will reach out to you. For our VIP client days, we are booking your day in our beautiful oceanfront office suite to give you an inspiring location to create your next level.

For an agenda and to apply to this exclusive event and/or a VIP day, contact us.


Who Should Attend?

The busy woman executive who…

Professional Female

…has the ‘presidential’ schedule and feels like a grasshopper, jumping from meeting to meeting.

Woman with a Black Jacket

…feel like you start your job at 5PM, after all those meetings, because she knows her future, and all that comes through her life’s work, is worth investing in.

Professional Woman

…is dedicated to her team and has a vision of something greater in the midst of the ‘lean and agile’, the cutbacks, and the re-organizations.

If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, resisted (like your message isn’t getting across) and exhausted…relax, you’re not alone. Almost every woman out there trying to accomplish something great in their business, while maintaining a meaningful life, feels this way at some point. It’s the very nature of our blurred, rushed, state-of-affairs in 2018 and it calls for a radical change in the way we think and work.


Whether you are a Corepreneur and have a new business to launch or re-invent,

or a Corporate Executive who just needs a break, then…


Come away to a secret place, and rest a while.

Our Desire For You

Enter Chaotic


Enter Resisted


Enter Overworked

Emerge OPEN

Enter Exhausted


C.O.R.E. = Centered. Open. Resilient. Energized

  • Attain visibility and organization quickly in every major are of your business.

  • Gain clarity and reclaim laser focus in every major of your life.

  • Learn growth strategies for your personal and business lives.

  • Relax and learn amongst your powerful feminine peers in an intimate setting.

  • Be able to apply the first true work-life balance success model

  • Surround yourself with beauty and tranquility.

  • Reclaim your peace, and C.O.R.E. identity.

  • Emerge energized and stronger – with a PLAN and a MAP, that outweighs every to-do list that is never quite done.

  • Share, network and grow in a calming environment so that ignites your natural creative power.

  • Become the leader you know is inside, fully aware of legacy leadership.


You may feel like you’re losing a couple days at the office but, what you will gain in personal growth and knowledge, you will be giving back to yourself and your company for years to come.


C-O-R-E is the sustainable model for the new era that has been emerging and adapting for over a decade.

The Details

Transformation takes place...

November 30, 2022 — Sunday, December 1st, 2022 (TBC / Example Schedule)


November 30

December 1

December 2



9AM – 4PM

Lunch: 1pm

Dinner: 7pm


Event concludes at 2pm


5 Star Resort, Florida (TBC)

5 Star Resort, Florida

5 Star Resort, Florida

VIP days — TBC - Dec 3-6 to fully focus on your business.

"People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills . . . There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. . . .

So constantly give yourself this retreat and renew yourself."

Marcus Aurelius

Nathalie Dahan.png

Anne, you are the Tony Robbins for Entrepreneurial Women Executives
Nathalie Dahan, CEO, Jolie Interiors


I was searching for a tool to help bolster my leadership skills, personal organizational skills, and overall perspective on effective leadership and time management.  This was almost a secret / silent prayer in the form of a whispered “I wish I had…” and “I need to get…” Then along came Anne’s invite to participate in the initial coach training conference call…and I was hooked. 


I am now mentally, emotionally, and professionally fortified and stronger as a leader, with a valuable set of tools and resources readily at my disposal.

Susan Shorters

CEO, High Impact Partners

Lisa Anderson, CPA.png

As a small business owner located in the Washington, DC area, I was able to fix by business bottom line and personally transform in the process. Anne helped me turn a frustrating situation into a motivating opportunity. Anne is an amazing coach, friend and silent business partner.  I value her input and insight and highly recommend her to any one!

Lisa D. Anderson, CPA

DeAnders & Associates, Inc. Accounting Firm

Woman in Grey Suit

Anne, I can’t thank you enough, this content is a game-changer for my business. I’ve hired smarter and made better decisions, and have become a better leader in the process. You are the secret weapon in my back pocket!

Rachel Ramirez

President & CEO, Performance Excellence Partners (not actual photo)

Professional Woman in an Office

I’ve been really impressed. I’ve used these news skills to forge a bridge with a fellow employee whom nobody seemed to resonate with, which is invaluable to me.

Virginia Walsh

Facilities Manager, Fortune 500 Company, Philadelphia, PA (not actual photo)

Anne, I read some of your blogs and they are full of teaching points backed by solid illustrations to help people change lives. Excellent.

Joyce Li

Canadian Author

Michelle Jones.png

I love C.O.R.E! After experiencing the wonderful coaching and connections from the First CCI (now C.O.R.E.) Training...I am using the skills and language that I have learned in my everyday life. I love C.O.R.E! Thank you so much for your labor of love!

Michelle Jones

Tenet Healthcare, Philadelphia, PA

Preparation for the Event

You know all of those nasty to-do list items?  And all those tech issues?  And all of those people who need you?

Take a big deep breath and let  them all go.

Next, apply and say YES to two full days of guided visualization and transformative business and life coaching. Come away to a secret place to rest, refocus, recharge. Emerge free, clear and victorious.

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