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Shannon Gabor on The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

When you’re a people-person, a relationship-builder, an entrepreneur, a healthcare professional, and a businesswoman like me, you tend to collect people who resonate with you. If you’ve heard the expression “iron sharpens iron” you’ll know what I’m talking about today.

It’s not enough anymore just to have a skillset. Our value set brings us the resilience that we can utilize during hard times — and our mindset picks us back up when we’re really down and out. Our guest today, Shannon Gabor, exemplifies all of this.

In 2020 we’re not B2B, we’re person to person. I’ve been through some ugly times in my business, but I’ve always gotten through them — and so has Shannon. After growing up in New Jersey trying to discover the connection between creativity and business, she came into her own in Los Angeles as a designer and expert in the art of branding. As the Founder and CEO of Clever Creative, Inc., she proudly supports iconic brands like Warner Bros., Tastemade, Starbucks, and Netflix.

Listen in as we talk about how to reinvest in your business, why branding is a success skill, and why Shannon advocates for the human connection in branding.

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“You tap into who you are as a person, and those become tools for you to develop your business.” – Shannon Gabor

Show Notes:

  • The power of how brands speak and behave
  • How Shannon Gabor came to work at Mattel
  • Shannon Gabor’s most fun projects with Mattel
  • What branding is
  • How to market yourself
  • What a brand identity is
  • How to define a human metric
  • How to leverage your personality in your business

“The things that I love to do became ways for me to build relationships — and those relationships became my clients.” – Shannon Gabor

Resources Mentioned:

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“My motto has always come down to tapping into my human metrics.” – Shannon Gabor

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