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Great Level of Commitment

I commend you for an outstanding job and great level of commitment integrating with our team. The passion behind your company to ensure our success was clearly demonstrated by the excellence in quality and timely medical responses to our sales force, field teams and healthcare providers. We know we can count on RxER for future projects.

Edmundo Stahl, MD



Extensive Expertise

Anne's extensive global medical information expertise enables development and implementation of strategic, operational and capability plans for small, mid and large size pharmaceutical companies.

Pritesh Gandhi

Vice President Medical Affairs, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Susan Shorters.png

Core Self-Awareness

Working with Anne has brought me a core self-awareness that made my business more profitable, my projects more streamlined and easy to organize, and illuminated what truly makes me centered, productive and happy. 

Susan Shorters

President, High Impact Partners


Immediately Impressed Me

I had the great fortune to meet with Anne and be introduced to her company when I was looking to build Medical Information infrastructure for OPKO in advance of the launch of our first product. She came to our office in Miami and immediately impressed me with her communication style, business acumen and willingness to take on a huge challenge over the holiday season. Anne and the outstanding team that she put together at RxER Communications built a dedicated call center and Med Info support system in record time, and continue to provide industry-leading quality to OPKO and its customers. Working with Anne and RxER has been a pleasure and I feel very fortunate to have her as a partner, core advisor and friend. Thank you, Anne!!!

Dr. Doug Laidlaw, PhD

Vice President, Opko; Medical Affairs Executive


Unforgettable Experience

Anne is one of the top examples of leadership I've encountered. She adeptly uses industry expertise combined with excellent mentoring skills to help employees, associates, senior management and organizations reach their full potential. She is integrative, by nature, with very strong communication skills and ability to work with people at all levels within the organization. Working with Anne is not only an honor but a pleasure. Having Anne as such a superior, mentor and professional colleague is really an unforgetable experience.

Dr. Sakir Mutevelic, MD

Head Global Oncology New Products Strategy

Business Woman

Exemplary and Stellar

Anne, thank you for your expertise in creating an infrastructure and a sustainable cost-effective solution for our national respiratory drug information call center.  Helping find more cost-effective solutions to our Investigator Meeting management was also key.  Your excellence, expertise, executive coaching and professionalism was exemplary and   your customer service was stellar.  We would rehire you and work with you on any needed further initiative.

Dr. Edmundo Stahl, MD

Vice President, Ivax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Judy Piscitello-Serafin copy.jpg

Creates High-Performing/High Executing Teams

I have worked with Anne as one of my colleagues in global medical affairs. She built the organization from the ground up and made it into a high performing, high executing team. Anne is an expert in the Global Medical Affairs Space. She is very positive and very easy to work with cross functionally. The most wonderful thing that I noticed working with Anne is she is extremely approachable, her team loved working for her and she is a wonderful listener, however, when there was work to get done, she and her team executed to the highest level possible. She is a true leader in every sense of the word.

Judy Piscitello-Serafin

Learning and Development Executive at Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

Steve Lind.png

Tremendously High Standards

Anne is one of my favorite co-workers and collaborators at Shire. Anne is very sharp, and excellent listener. She has a very strong ability to work with individuals at all levels within the organization. Her communication skills are excellent, concise, and strong. I worked with Anne as she developed and built from the ground up a new global medical information department at Baxalta, now part of Shire. Her people skills are second to none, and she quickly hired top performers from all around the world and established an excellent, motivated, and inspired global team. I partnered with Anne on several occasions, and found Anne reliable, enthusiastic, and enjoyable to work with. Anne leads by example, has tremendously high standards, and delivers on her commitments. She is a high-achiever, a smart and compassionate leader.

Steve Lind

Director, Grants/Investigator Sponsored Studies

Eddie Carver, PharmD.png

True Leader

Anne is a great expert in Biotech Medical Affairs. She is such a true leader. I have witnessed her ferocity putting projects into overdrive for success. I would highly recommend Anne for any company planning their next launch or reorganization.

Eddie Carver, PharmD

Medical Communications Consultant, UCB

Ariel Darrull.png

Global Team Builder

I have the privilege to meet Anne in 2011 at an International Leadership Event. I would highly recommend Anne's leadership and expertise for any senior executive or VP position in the pharma/biotech industry. She is a proven coach and global team builder and can turn any organization around operationally.

Ariel Darrull

Executive Coach • Consultant

Ed Crenshaw.png

Trustworthy and Transparent Leader

Anne demonstrated that unique blend of an inspirational leader and result-orientated manager. As head of her department, Anne's staff quickly engaged her as a trustworthy and transparent leader with a clear vision and an exciting and innovative direction for her global group. Anne showed that she cared for her people, and they reciprocated by demonstrating their dedication to her. Anne is clearly one of the finest leaders I've had in my group.

Ed Crenshaw

Author and Lead Pastor at Victory Church Philadelphia

Joan Tankersley.png

Great Vision

Anne is a person of great vision and people feel empowered and encouraged by her. I highly recommend.

Joan Tankersley

CEO, Creative Producer, Media Specialist, Film and Television Development

Joni Bradley.png


Anne Arvizu provides a clear path of knowledge into building a successful future. Her technique is empowering and her heart for her clients is evident in every part of the coaching process. She is a treasure for those of us who are reinventing our lives.

Joni Bradley

President/CEO of JB Ashtin

Rachel E. Ramirez.png

Positive and Collaborative Attitude

My team had the pleasure of working with Anne on a global publications plan. We enjoyed our experience, primarily because she brought a positive and collaborative attitude as team leader. Anne is highly professional and knows her stuff! I strongly recommend her to any type of team or project.

Rachel E. Ramirez

President & CEO, Performance Excellence Partners

Tiffany Thorne.png

Effective Principles

Anne, you are to me what I am to everybody else. I was completely overwhelmed in the multitude of responsibilities that I have. I would still get things done but experienced frequent periods of burnout.  I rarely had time for myself or just to simply rest.  I am able to properly channel and balance my responsibilities and my life in general through employing effective C.O.R.E. principles.

Tiffany Thorne, Miami, FL, USA

Vice President, Primerica; Pastor

Dixie Norman.png

Dreams Come True

Because of Anne’s coaching programs, I feel like I am on top of the world and finally in control of my choices and actions.  I realize now that being in control of my life means joy, peace and excitement for each day. With Anne you will get to see your dreams come true.

Dixie Norman, Alberta, Canada


Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.55.04 PM.png

Very Edifying - 6-7 figures within months

Anne, you are a VEP! (Very Edifying Person). Thank you! One VIP Day with you was worth every penny. The strategies we put in place brought us from 6 to 7 figures within a few months. I hope you touch so many lives with your work.  The C-O-R-E Method is a revolution for the soul of business. So many blessings to you.

CEO, Angel, Roxanne Rogers, Bangkok Thailand

Confident Mature Woman

Beyond My Expectations

If you are going to work with Anne, be prepared to open yourself up and pour yourself out.  She is totally committed… her coaching and mentorship was far beyond my expectations!

CEO, Deborah Stevens, TX

Mature Woman


Anne, you are so inspiring!

Coach and CEO, Alison Last, Chicago, IL

Craig L. Van Kouwenberg, M.Div., D.D..png

When Anne Speaks People Listen

Anne Arvizu can appropriately be called, “Another California ‘It’ girl”. Born in SoCal, she has “It” and expresses “It”. When Anne speaks, people listen.  They listen because the loving wisdom which she offers is real. Highly recommend her as a speaker, consultant, coach and counselor.

Craig L. Van Kouwenberg, M.Div., D.D.

Michelle Jones.png

I Love C.O.R.E!

After experiencing the wonderful coaching and connections from the First CCI (now C.O.R.E.) Training...I am using the skills and language that I have learned in my everyday life. I love C.O.R.E! Thank you so much for your labor of love!

Michelle Jones

Tenet Healthcare, Philadelphia, PA

Pete Shenkle.png

Most Uplifting Message

Thank you, Anne - The most uplifting message I have heard in a long time.

Pete Shenkle, Collegeville, PA

Dan Cross.png

Passionate Speaker and Teacher

Anne is a well-educated, yet passionate, speaker and teacher. She demonstrates leadership in all aspects in a true servant/leader manner. Her experience in the pharmaceutical field has exposed her to excellent opportunities to learn science and business management, yet she has cultivated a keen sensitivity to the Spirit.  God has truly expanded her wisdom.  

Dan Cross

CEO & Founder at Able Recovery

Lisa Anderson, CPA.png

Amazing Coach

As a small business owner located in the Washington, DC area, I was able to fix by business bottom line and personally transform in the process. Anne helped me turn a frustrating situation into a motivating opportunity. Anne is an amazing coach, friend and silent business partner. I value her input and insight and highly recommend her to any one!

Lisa Anderson, CPA~Helping You Grow Beyond The Plateau

Strategic Business Advisor | Virtual CFO for Government Contractors, Consulting Firms & Nonprofits

Businessman in Suit

Improves Lives

Regarding the Leadership Training: I have been on all the calls.  Anne provides a wealth of information that improves not just the business, but also the lives of its employees. 

Don Givens

US Department of Labor

Joyce Li.png


Anne, I read some of your blogs and they are full of teaching points backed by solid illustrations to help people change lives. Excellent.

Joyce Li

Canadian Author

Terrina Venditti.jpg

C-O-R-E Turns Leaders Into Coaches

I’ve realized how ill equipped many people who call themselves coaches can really be. Figuring out how to help someone come up with a goal that can be met with successful progress and a powerful mindset shift and reframe in 50 minutes or less is an art and science for every executive. 

Terrina Venditti

Marketing Director, Olympic Games

Kim Orsag.png

So Empowering

Anne's content and C-O-R-E Method Coach Training program has enlightened me both personally as well as in my business. learning about how the brain works and why we think differently in situations and helpful in knowing how to handle our relationships. Since this program, I’ve started my own business and have also chaired a local chapter for women entrepreneurs.  Passing on the knowledge! It was just so empowering. I can't explain it. I was at peace and knew no matter what happened, that I didn't have to be in the driver seat all the time. I can intentionally put God in the center. I now know how not to have my business end up as a casualty! Anne does a phenomenal job in sharing ideas, resources, examples, etc. and she makes it fun to learn. Anne is easy to listen to; I could listen to her teach for hours. She has so much information to share.

Kim Orsag

CEO, KASO Solutions



I’ve been really impressed. I’ve used these news skills to forge a bridge with a fellow employee whom nobody seemed to resonate with, which is invaluable to me.

Virginia Walsh

Facilities Manager, Philadelphia, PA

download (1).jpeg

Amazing Record

Anne has a strong feminine style that is graceful and embracing. She is an outstanding coach and has had an amazing record for being...more.

Gerry Garcia

Parenting & Behavioral Specialist, Recognized Professional Coach, Erickson College International


Great Coach

I knew from the moment I met Anne that she was going to be a great Coach. (Via Linked In)

Tony Husted

International Coach Trainer at Erickson Coaching International

Susan Shorters.png

I Was Hooked

I was searching for a tool to help bolster my leadership skills, personal organizational skills, and overall perspective on effective leadership and time management.  This was almost a secret/silent prayer in the form of a whispered “I wish I had…” and “I need to get…” Then along came Anne’s invite to participate in the initial coach training conference call…and I was hooked.  I am now mentally, emotionally, and professionally fortified and stronger as a leader, with a valuable set of tools and resources readily at my disposal.

Susan Shorters

CEO, High Impact Partners

Alex Miranda.png

Anne Gives All She Has

I would, without reservation, recommend Anne as a consultant, trainer and business partner.  She gives all she has to develop others in life and professional areas.  I made a major shift in my business because of her coaching and have become more profitable and focused in the process.

Alex Miranda

CEO, Creative Complex, Inc.

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