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Todd Eury on The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

My guest on this week’s episode of The Corepreneur Podcast is Todd Eury, the brains behind the pharmacy industry’s first podcast about the business of pharmacy dedicated to healthcare professionals. Todd launched The Pharmacy Podcast Network in 2009 before beginning his consulting journey with pharmacy software developers hoping to improve their business development strategies, networking, and digital marketing efforts. 

Today the Pharmacy Podcast Network is the U.S. healthcare system’s largest network of podcasts dedicated to the profession of pharmacy with 23 co-hosts developing content for 15 different podcasts segmented on topics ranging from healthcare law and technology to medical cannabis, senior care, and pharmacogenomics.

In 2015, Todd was contracted by WellMedRx to help build a mobile application to assist doctors in identifying if their patients were eligible for a pharmacogenomics test to ensure the medications they were taking would work as medically intended. Most recently, Todd found a new career in the field of opioid addiction recovery in business development and strategic marketing with national leader New Season.

In today’s episode, we discuss issues in the pharmaceutical industry, how pharmacists are dealing with the pandemic, and how the role of the pharmacist is evolving.

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“If you don’t want to be in the business of serving, then get out of pharmacy.” – Todd Eury

Show Notes:

  • How pharmacists are dealing with COVID
  • Issues in the pharmaceutical industry
  • How Todd Eury got started with the Pharmacy Podcast Network
  • How the role of pharmacist is evolving
  • Which partnerships could improve the Pharmacy Podcast Network
  • The foundation of good business
  • Why the Pharmacy Podcast show was created

“Pharmacists could catch things within chronic disease states so much faster than just the physician alone.” – Todd Eury

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“I want more voices, I want more listeners, I want more change, and I want more transformation for the pharmacist and the five sectors of pharmacy.” – Todd Eury

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