The Core


It’s 2009…

I’m grieving, exhausted, and physically depleted when I find myself in a supermarket grabbing a cheap bottle of face lotion. The label on the bottle says, “for dull, tired skin,” and I chuckle to myself thinking, “I need to pour this all over myself.”

It was a horrendous year.

In early 2008, I had a thriving medical communications business, and we lived beautifully in Florida. Then the bubble burst, the market and real estate crash happened, my business flatlined, and my family lost everything: our house, our car, our condo, our entire savings and our 401K.

Simultaneously, my husband was losing his job. His company was purchased and closed, and he was made redundant.
We were forced into a cross country relocation into a cold Northeastern winter, for his new job. Within months, we also lost my mother-in-law to cancer, our sweet schnauzer, Bridget, then my beloved 17-year-old cat, Duncan.

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Just when I thought that year couldn’t get any worse, I went through a significant personal health crisis and began the irreversible process of early menopause, and infertility.

I felt like a stranger
in a strange land. Lost.

Broken and seeking a solution, I turned to personal development materials I’d acquired during seminars I’d done all over the globe between 2004-2008 to try to re-ignite my inner fire.

During those high-flying years, I had steeped myself in motivational events and extreme challenges. I walked on fire, raced cars, jumped off trapezes, bungee jumped and went cliff diving – loads of what I call “Mountain Dew Moments”.

Dr. Anne Arvizu Image
Dr. Anne Arvizu Image

The purpose, of which, was to become the fearless leader that I was meant to be in the face of adversity.

As I pored over the various “work-life balance models,” I realized none of them showed you how to get back up when you’re down. Every life-balance model I had learned had the same philosophical flaws. They could show me where my gaps in life were, but none told you how to fix those gaps, recalibrate freedom and get back up when you were down.

Nor could they show you how to lead from your strengths, because that theory also fell short and didn’t work in
many scenarios.

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They did all tell me how to rate the areas of my life on a 1-10 type scale – mental, financial, vocational, physical, social, etc. They also gave me a bleak snapshot of my life. I was down so low, I was giving almost every area of my life a 1 or 2, except spirituality. It was my only saving grace.
I was plodding along in my new reality, gaining traction, but I had no idea how to truly recover.

I pondered all this and made the decision

to get happy NOW and

bloom where I was planted.

Shortly after, I landed my first small contract and was back in business. Then larger ones trickled in.
Then an extraordinary, unexpected moment happened.
I was at my desk pecking away at a spreadsheet for a new corporate biotech client and…

BOOM - it came to me.

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This massive, instantaneous ‘download’ that went beyond words.

Before I could comprehend the full magnitude of the idea,
I had a knowing that it would redirect the course of my life as an entrepreneur – and show me how to rise, recover and stay strong no matter what.

So, I stood up in awe of this incoming idea, walked across my 1100 square foot basement office to my whiteboard, and I drew it out.

It took about 10-15 minutes to perfect all that I was seeing.

CCI Life-In-Balance wheel

It was the first CCI Life-In-Balance wheel, a solution for balancing your life, rebounding when you’re down, and attaining real freedom

I sat down at the conference table right next to the
whiteboard, and I looked up and said, “Wow, Thank you, God.”

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I stared at it mesmerized, thinking,

"I know this idea is divine because I could not have thought of this simple solution on my own."

It answered deep questions that I had pondered for years. With renewed hope and wonder,
I shared it first with my husband and easily explained the foundations of this new method. I said,

"I know I will teach this in one way or another for the rest of my life."

Since that amazing day,
I've continued to write, teach, test,
and expand

evaluating it in my own life every day. It’s the ‘God Lens’ that I filter my life and businesses through. 
I became its ‘client zero’, and I’ve benefited from it ever since.


But most rewarding part has been witnessing the transformative effect it has had in the lives of the thousands of people

from fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders, non-profit organizations, and my individual students and readers that I’ve had the honor of teaching it to.

My trademarked acronym, C-O-R-E stands for being Centered, Open, Resilient, and Energized.

The C-O-R-E Life-In-Balance Wheel has been the most
profound discovery of my life and the Coaching methodology
I developed around it continues to expand. Every day I wake up knowing that sharing THE CORELIFE METHOD ®  with others
is both my purpose and my gift.

The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 was a lot like 2020, an external crisis affecting all of life’s major areas: physical and mental health, work, relationships. Except I had a tool to use to recalibrate my life and shift business priorities quickly. Also in 2020, I published my book, Affluent Minds to share THE CORELIFE METHOD ®  with other leaders in isolation.

2021 brought with it a
profound shift for me.

A diagnosis of endometrial cancer sucker-punched me and drove me right back to the center of the C-O-R-E wheel once again to kick fear to the curb and recalibrate what I believed about healing.

The CORELIFE METHOD ®  is a blueprint through which we all can find the way to mind-body-spirit wholeness, and well-being in every area of our lives. I am more convinced than ever of its value, worth and place in teaching it to other healthcare leaders and healing professionals.

So I ask you,

what’s in your c-o-r-e?

I invite you to work with me as your coach and guide to help you through any transitional season at work or in life.

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Who is Dr. Anne Arvizu?

Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC, is a pharmacist, entrepreneur
and former global fortune 500 executive. She is founder of the
Corelife Coach Institute, and creator of THE CORELIFE METHOD ® 
a transformational body-mind-spirit approach to coach training
– a new concept for a new era.

Anne has advised the C-Suites and boards of dozens of top fortune
100 and 500 Pharma companies and healthcare related not-for-profit organizations. Since 2009, THE CORELIFE METHOD ®  coaching and training programs, all share a common focus of promoting productivity, health & life balance in the lives of organizational leaders.

After spending 25 years in Big Pharma, Anne’s focus is on helping both public and private patient and health focused corporations build high performing teams through cultural transformation using THE CORELIFE METHOD ® . She is host of the award winning Corepreneur Podcast, with subscribers and listeners in over 117 countries. Anne is the author of the book, Affluent Minds, Core Expressions for a Rich and Wonderful Life.

Her company, Corelife Group, Inc., is a premier global management consulting, training and advisory firm partnering with healthcare leaders to create mission driven, patient-centered training solutions, keynotes and workshops.

A generous portion of the profits generated by all our CORELIFE
books and programs is donated to helping women over 50 with endometrial cancer, so our clients can feel good about being a
force for good.