The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

Calling all Corepreneurs!

We are interviewing today's top recognized leaders and entrepreneurial executives who have made the leap from 'corporate to freedom' and enjoy life in the process. If you have a message to give to the world, or you want to start or grow your own business, this is your podcast. And it's not just strategy and tactics. It about something deeper.  

We get to the core by sharing the sometimes painful stories of overcoming and rising above in difficult times. Launching this podcast in 2020 with all we have going on globally is no coincidence. The stories that my guests and I share will be help you stay 'centered, open, resilient and energized'.

We worked in an age of bombardment on all sides, even before 2020's global pandemic and so-called 'new normal' in business. We were never meant to fight against the supercomputer or AI technology or stay connected 24/7/365. 

As a result, burnout is at an all time high and billions of dollars are spent by corporations, health care systems and insurance institutions on stress related illness, including auto-immune disease, and time lost from work. And this was all true even before the COVID-19 crisis. Great leaders know how to disconnect and re-calibrate by tapping into C-O-R-E power. We are highlighting success secrets for a brave new age here.

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The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

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