I began reading Anne’s book at the beginning of the Pandemic as my career as a Physical Therapist quickly changed from treating patients to taking temperatures and assisting with Covid swabs speding hours under tents in very hot or very cold (two seasons) conditions. I thought to myself that I would remain content no matter where God put me, and I did just that. Since this was so mentally stressful and draining not being able to truly do what I love because of the greater need in mitigating the spread of the virus, but also placing myself in direct contact with the invisible enemy, I could only muster up enough energy to read a page at a time. I thought to myself that reading Anne’s book was sort of futile, however, as I read each page I realized the book was speaking to me. Even though there were not many words on the page, the words took me to many aspects of my current situation conjuring up new thoughts and feelings that I must have been holding deep inside for a long time. For a period of time my work became too exhausting to continue reading the book and I stopped halfway through. I stopped reading the book for about 6 months and it sat and stared at me every night before I went to bed. It was not until 3 weeks ago when I lost my job due to restructuring for “cost containment” that I picked up the book again to continue. The book then took on a new dimension as it began to give me the strength and guidance to consider beginning my own business, which had been a dream for a very long time. Anne’s book is like a living and breathing book. It speaks to you at a deep level. I have many sentences underlined for guidance. Anne created a God-inspired pictorial diagram that helped me to organize my thoughts and figure out what aspects in my life need to be improved upon so that I can tap into and focus on my core/Inner Spirit. Anne is a wonderful guide with great wisdom. I highly recommend this Small But Mighty Book!