Integrity is the Key to Success with Ken Mosesian

When you master being a person of integrity, it leads to massive success — and you’re going to find out how and why on today’s episode of TCP with Ken Mosesian. If you’ve been following along, you know that the CORE method I created teaches that we all need to return to our center to tap into the guiding forces within.

Integrity is such a big word in our world.

Today I really want you to just listen deeply and then look inward.

Integrity isn’t just about telling lies. It goes much deeper than that. It’s a life principle and a key attribute.

People can tell when others lie.

Ken is one of my new BFFs because he has a high trust-factor quotient.

Ken is a successful and eloquent entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is passionate about training CEOs and their teams in how to lead.

We talk about values that will help you grow your business, the benefits of small and mid-size businesses, and why he always asks people to carry around a notebook.

“You don’t have to say ‘I promise’ for it to actually be a promise.” – Ken Mosesian

Show Notes:

  • How to gauge your integrity
  • How vision is related to integrity
  • Why Ken Mosesian wakes up early
  • Ken Mosesian’s morning routine
  • How companies can maintain good relationships with customers
  • How to fix a mistake with a customer
  • How to apologize to a client
  • How to find weaknesses in customer service
  • Primary purposes of a leader

“Oftentimes companies don’t envision themselves as being in relationship with their customers, but that is precisely what it is and when something goes wrong…own it.” – Ken Mosesian

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