The Vision Behind The Pharmacy Podcast Network with Todd Eury

Todd Eury is the founder and CEO of the Pharmacy Publishing Network. Established in 2009, Todd’s vision was to create a network of podcacasters to support pharmacists and their profession, and use podcast discussions to accelerate change and improvements to pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries.

Todd also began his podcast about the profession in pharmacy in 2009, and his podcast is now the global leader in business and the profession of the pharmacist.

In today’s episode, we discuss issues in the pharmaceutical industry, how pharmacists are dealing with the pandemic, and how the role of the pharmacist is evolving.

“Pharmacists could catch things within chronic disease states so much faster than just the physician alone.” – Todd Eury

Show Notes:

  • How pharmacists are dealing with COVID
  • Issues in the pharmaceutical industry
  • The origin of the Pharmacy Podcast Network
  • How the role of pharmacist is evolving
  • Which partnerships could improve the Pharmacy Podcast Network
  • The foundation of good business
  • About the Pharmacy Podcast

“I want more voices, I want more listeners, I want more change, and I want more transformation for the pharmacist and the five sectors of pharmacy.” – Todd Eury

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