Transforming Healthcare with Anne Arvizu

Embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship felt like a daunting leap, until I discovered the power of autonomy, impact, and legacy. With a heart full of gratitude, I’m thrilled to ignite that same spark of freedom in your career journey.

Today, I dive into the Corepreneur ethos, where the grind of the corporate world transforms into the thrill of entrepreneurship, and I share the CORE principles that have been my compass — being Centered, Open, Resilient, and Energized. As we gear up for our exciting launch on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, I invite you to join the dialogue and share in my business’s evolution and the exhilarating path that lies ahead for all of us seeking to create something truly meaningful.

This episode also highlights the powerful insights from our esteemed guests this Season, who empower entrepreneurs and executives alike. From Ali Brown’s business coaching expertise, to Carrie Wilkerson and Tanya Dalton’s perspectives on leadership and productivity, each of their stories enrich our narrative. Financial savant Danielle Roberts taught us the art of prioritizing meaning over the chase, while Dr. Valerie Rain introduced us to the concept of patriarchy stress disorder. Dolores Hirschmann discussed the impact of clarity in our ideas, and Brandy Brenoskie shared with us her digital experience prowess.

Listen in as I share my unique challenges of 2020, how to make an exit strategy, and how to take this time to improve your business. And I hope my interviews thus far inspire personal growth and professional success, underpinning the value of trust and authenticity in today’s world.

“Everybody is talking about how bad it is, and I am talking to you about opportunity today.” – Anne Arvizu

Show Notes:

  • Bouncing back from a life crisis
  • Opportunities in the present
  • The Rise of the Corepreneur
  • Unleashing ideas in a changing world
  • How to create an exit strategy
  • About The Corepreneur Academy
  • My new book, Affluent Minds

“Nobody needs to be in perfect mode anymore.” – Anne Arvizu

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