Success Stories

Freddy Escalona

As she held the charge to create a total organizational turnaround, provide structure, transform NPS scores, and drive productivity, engagement and retention to new heights. I served alongside this passionate and visionary leader, who relentlessly cast and held the new vision until
it’s completion.

Alex Miranda

I would, without reservation, recommend Anne as a consultant, trainer and business partner.  She is a leader of leaders. She gives all she has to develop others in life and professional areas.  I made a major shift in my business because of her coaching and have become more profitable and focused in the process.

Brandi Bernoski

There’s a lot of discomfort in pushing the boundaries of the medical/science space that Anne has been such an exemplary leader in. The CORELIFE METHOD, which combines the best of science with a message of personal resilience and life balance in this new age of technology is so desperately needed. As progressive as western science is, it also can be very resistant to change. Anne’s thought leadership in guiding this healing movement forward is incredibly exciting!

Tiffany Thorne

Anne, you are to me what I am to everybody else.  I was completely overwhelmed in the multitude of responsibilities that I have. I would still get things done but experienced frequent periods of burnout. I rarely had time for myself or just to simply rest.  I am now able to properly balance my responsibilities and my life through employing these CORELIFE METHOD principles.

Joan Tankersley

Anne is a great visionary and like minded pioneers and women in business feel empowered and encouraged by her and her programs. I highly recommend.

Sotirios Stergiopolos, MD

Anne is a master executive consultant. She helped redesign and train our entire Global Medical Affairs Services organization and created operational plans for each department. We saved time and hundreds of thousands of dollars going to an expert. Anne is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend.