Success Stories

Lisa Garr

Her story of perseverance and discovering the what it takes to redefine crisis makes THE CORELIFE METHOD a set of tools to rely on like a true guide in the Universe.  Anne has a gift of clarity and a true desire to share these tools to help lift people to a place of balance. This is what is truly needed in our world today.


THE CORELIFE METHOD is the new way to be and lead and the model for this new era. Tapping into your God Connection keeps you in peace and on fire. Anne, you are the woman who reinvented the wheel.

Nathalie Dahan

As an influencer, you need the right coach to launch and scale an entrepreneurial venture quickly and stay true to your core vision. This method delivers rapid results. Anne is America’s #1 Business Coach for women over 50.

Paula Hopkins, MBA

It was an honor to experience Anne’s Leadership. She has made an impact on my life and work. Her ability to anchor vision and guide our team to create real, positive, measurable progress in the midst of so much turnover was exceptional.

Pam Besch

During my VIP Day, we crafted my talk and a business plan for my new speaking initiative. One week later, I was invited to keynote and share my story.  My VIP Day with Anne was wonderful. It was well worth the investment and the trip to be in a beautiful inspiring location in Fort Lauderdale.

Marie Sagine Evillard

Anne’s is an outstanding example of a women in leadership that rallies and raises leaders to a greater cause. She is a true Servant Leader because of her commitment to the growth and development of people and building community. She puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.  She has influenced me to a higher level of personal leadership. She put in place a new organizational foundation complete with committees, procedures, guidance documents and goals and is set us up for the best fundraising year yet. Anne leads by example.