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Transforming healthcare on The Corepreneur Podcast with Anne Arvizu

I am flying solo for today’s Transforming Healthcare episode and I have a lot to say. This episode should inspire you to think bigger.

We have only started the radical journey towards the development of this country. We have not, as yet — with all of our talk of wonderful progress — done more than scratch the surface. We have to compare what we have done and what there still is to do. With so much unrest everywhere, it is the perfect time to both celebrate our progress and also to reconsider how far we truly have come.

In this episode, I discuss the unique challenges of 2020, how to make the most of this transforming healthcare, and how to use this time to improve your business.

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“Everybody is talking about how bad it is, and I am talking to you about opportunity today.” – Anne Arvizu

Show Notes:

  • How to make an exit strategy
  • How to join the Corepreneur Academy
  • How to make the most of 2020
  • How to improve your business during COVID

“Nobody needs to be in Perfect Mode anymore.” – Anne Arvizu

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“We’re here to tell you, I jumped off the proverbial cliff. I flatlined. And here’s how I bounced back.” – Anne Arvizu

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