Book Reviews

Mario Venditti

Wonderfully Quick and Concise — This is exactly what I needed. It’s like a positive and refreshing coaching session, that I now carry with me for when I forget those key core reasons that make what I’m doing, whom I’m doing it for; and why it’s important. This is not touchy-feely, rather its a positive and candid way to create a rich and satisfying journey. One of my favorite lines: “Without hope in your vision and expectation in your goals you really can’t see what isn’t yet a reality.”


I was skeptical, self-doubting and demotivated with regards to the current state of the pandemic and seemingly fewer possibilities for really achieving success. I have decided to follow the advice given by the author and my life is changed now. You won’t think the same way when you are done reading. Kudos to the author for writing such a masterpiece.


Simple but very detailed. I learnt quite a few life and career jewels from this book. It leaves nothing untouched on the path of creating a rich and wonderful life. Gets a 5 star from me.

Kimberly Marin

I loved this book, especially her definition of affluence! (I wont spoil it!) It is a breath of fresh air,
positivity and empowerment. This is a must read for anyone trying to find their way back to CORE values and ethics while embarking on a journey of prosperity and abundance for themselves and their loved ones.


Thoughts and emotions are formed in our mind and this book is a step by step guide to feel positive and make our life better and more progressive and productive.


This book is so magical, motivational and powerful. I completed this book in 1 day and after reading it, I feel so much more positive. I can honestly say that this book it will change you for the better.