Book Reviews

Michael D. Beaumont

Amazing and inspirational!, so much that I’ll use it as my personal coach for a daily doses of guidance on my life’ s purpose and balance. It doesn’t matter how many self help books a person could have read during many years, I highly recommend “Affluent Minds”.


An affluent mindset plus a structure to achieve life balance will give you the fullness of life you desire. This powerful yet simple to read book is packed with core values that help redefine what’s most important in life and achieve it. Just having positive thoughts is not enough, this book shows you how to actually shift your thinking in an instant regardless of circumstances so you can achieve personal happiness as well as career or vocation success. A must read.


My favorite section of the book is where it talks about the “10 Keys to Any Endeavor”. I think that any person (in a leadership role or not) can definitely benefit of integrating the 10 keys into their lives; they are great steps that can lead you to your own personal development.
At some point I would love to be in a big leadership role, and the following quote spoke so much to me:
“We must be leaders of ourselves before we can exceptionally lead others”


Anne’s book is full of insightful advice to bring about a positive shift in your mindset, your business and your life. In these uncertain times, I found the hope and positivity I needed to move forward in my life and business. The pages are full of inspiration and actionable advice that you can do right now to align yourself with your passion and lead from your core. A must read!


What an amazing book with great insights on transforming your mindset, organization and support. Thank you Anne Arvizu for putting your wisdom into written words for all of us.

Coffee, tea and me time

Wonderfully Quick and Concise — This is exactly what I needed. It’s a refreshing pep talk and coaching session that I now carry with me for when I forget those key core reasons that make what I’m doing, who I’m doing it for; and why so important. This is not touchy-feely, rather its a positive and candid way to create a rich and satisfying journey. One of my favorite lines: “Without hope in your vision and expectation in your goals you really can’t see what isn’t yet a reality.”