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The Corepreneur Podcast

with Dr. Anne Arvizu

Calling all Corepreneurs!

We are interviewing today's top recognized entrepreneurial executives and leaders who are driven by purpose, mission, vision and core center values, guidance and inner wisdom. If you have felt destiny's call and heeded it, then I can tell you for sure, you have encountered tests and trials along the way, as did I.  I share my story of overcoming, resilience and rising strong and I have invited my guests as fellow business leaders to share theirs.  We learn from stories and from each other. How did you avoid burnout by tapping in to something greater, then we want to hear from you. Our Corepreneurs harness their inner C-O-R-E power, meaning they stay 'centered, open, resilient and energized' when life's circumstances, tragedies and crisis is pressing in the hardest. They know when red flags signal them to rest or pause and when the winds tell them to set sail. We live in an age of bombardment on all sides. We were never meant to fight against the supercomputer or AI technology or stay connected 24/7/365. Burnout is at an all time high and billions of dollars are spent on stress related illness, including auto-immune disease, heart disease, cancer, addiction, depression and time lost from work. Too many businesses fail because they don't tap into their core power. 

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The Corepreneur Podcast with Dr. Anne Ar

The Corepreneur Podcast is launching season 2 in 2022. Since inception, many of our guests have been personal friends, colleagues or partners. I hope to find and interview more core-centered, purpose driven, visionary women leaders. We are opening our show up to women leaders making over $5M in annual gross revenue who have created companies, products and services that bring solutions and healing to other women. These women inspire others by sharing how they overcame a personal challenge and were compelled to create solutions for themselves and others. They have a depth to them and deep inner resolve. Every entrepreneur want to know the how because it fast-tracks our freedom, but it's not just the how. I always say give me a strong enough why and you can do any how. It's the why and the what and the who that kept them going. It was awareness of their soul's purpose and their deliberate choice to face challenges while tapping into inner guidance that set them free to throw off the bowlines and create what matters.  

Agents may contact us on behalf of their suggested guests who fit that description using the form below.

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